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Acme Pest Control one of the top Pest Control Company in Chennai Service Details : Acme Gel is applied at the most suspected areas like wall cracks, crevices, holes in electrical appliances, etc. For red and black ant control, an odourless liquid is put as a spot spray. Benefits : A completely odourless, hassle-free and safe solution for elders, kids, pets and persons with allergy. No need to empty out your kitchen, hence very convenient. Long-lasting and a highly efficient treatment which can be carried out at any time of the day. Service Timeframe : Single Service includes a 1 time service. Yearly Service includes 3 services at intervals of 4 months. Warranty : Single Service comes with a 3 months warranty. Yearly Service comes with yearlong protection assurance.
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Acme pest Control in Chennai one of the best pest Control in Chennai. we Control Termite, Cockroach Control Bedbugs , Dog ticks, silver fishes, and etc Now up to 20% Discount for All Services
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Pest Control is essential that we discuss with our customers the recommended pest control strategies and agree on the methods that will be used. When it comes to domestic pest control infestations, we will need your full cooperation and involvement. Essentially, you will need to follow all the procedures prior and post-treatment, which will greatly increase our chances of complete eradication and effective control of your pest problem. In most cases we would recommend thorough cleaning of all affected areas and disposing of the vacuum contents afterwards in a safe manner. Depending on the type of pest there are different kinds of preparations, which are also a subject of initial risk assessment, which is carried out by our pest technicians. All of the preparation procedures are been tailored according to the best practice codes and the pest legislation.
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Make your premises pest free by hiring Acme pest control in Chennai. It is not a good sight to have pests in homes and commercial premises. There is wide range of pests and all of them represent risk either to the people or their properties or both. We need to identify the problem before its too late. Hence it is essential to identify the cause of the pest attack at the earliest and destroy the pests completely Call now Acme Pest Control Service in Chennai get up to 20% Discount for all Services - Odorless- Products , Economical - Price , Guaranteed Service
Acme Pest Control Chennai -now up to 20 % Discount for All Pest Control services like Termite , Cockroach , bedbugs , dog ticks odorless, non Toxic , Economical