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We offer Acme’s advanced Gel Treatment, which ensures absolute and hassle free services to the customers. The Treatment involves controlling cockroaches without any odour and is non-toxic. Our effective Pest Control Get Treatments compel termites to vacate the premises and create good atmosphere for dwellers. These Termite Gel Treatments have no smell so it can be applied at any places, on which the insecticide cannot be sprayed. These Gels are used in very small quantity and work very effectively on termites. These gels basically attract cockroaches, when applied in all cracks and crevices. The basic ingredient in the gel is an edible product designed to attract cockroaches. Once cockroach has consumed the gel they also contaminate the other, thus leading to quick eradication. We can expect 70 to 80% of eradication in a week’s time and the rest can be controlled effectively within a span of three weeks.


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