Spider Con

Spider Control

Spiders are pest and create nuisance by knitting their webs at roof tops, side walls of industries & huge structures etc. Apart from knitting the cobwebs, it also secretes a poisonous / venous. When these venous falls on the human body (or) live stock it gives a unbearable pain leading to irritation and inflammation. Control Measure : Since spiders knit their webs in a short span of time to control starts from controlling spider population and cleaning of cobwebs followed by spraying residual insecticide. acmepest Spider Control Measure Comprises the following • Cleaning of cobwebs • Spraying of residual insecticide BENEFITS : • Keeps your premises clean and tidy • Spider Control comes with a minimum guarantee Type of Services • Spider control treatment generally undertakes at industries and big business houses with minimum service warranty of 3 months. • Periodicity & frequency of services is decided after inspection of your premises

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