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Termite Control Termites are one of the most dangerous wood eating organisms. They dwell beneath a layer of thin brown mud tubs like material which makes tracking them difficult. Termites may excavate the wood so that only a very thin layer of wood is left on the surface between their cavities and the outside. ACME Pest Control Chennai , with its wide experience in the field, provides comprehensive termite control solutions that are long-lasting and cost-effective. The types of termite control treatment in Chennai measures ACME Pest Control Services Chennai incorporates include - direct liquid treatments and liquid treatments applied at various vulnerable locations of the property. The team of experts at ACME Pest Control Chennai , Adyar undertakes a thorough inspection of the client’s property to find out the intensity of the damage and suggest solutions accordingly. Termite Pest Control Service Offered Residential Post-Construction- Termite Control Treatment in Chennai Homes: 1 year contract with initial treatment and regular check-up; attending callbacks if any during the course of the contract period 2 year contract also available at an attractive price – please call for details If entire building is treated, a 5 Year Service Warranty* is provided Pre-Construction- Termite Control 5 Year Service Warranty from the date of commencement of treatment Pre-Construction carried out at during construction stages as per IS6313 specifications Now Up to 20 % Discount for All Pest Control Services
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Woodworm/ wood borer Pest Control in Chennai -Woodworm can be a major issue to both residential and commercial properties, luckily ACME Pest Control Service in Chennai are here to help with over 20years of woodworm control experience. Woodworm is a generic term used for the larvae state of a number of different Wood Boring beetle lay their eggs during the months of April through to September which can cause serious infestations and fatal structural damage - proving a huge problem for residential properties across the Chennai.
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Best Pest Control In Chennai 2) Is there any way we could do this without chemicals? Truthfully, this isn’t going to be a straightforward answer. The reason being, it depends on your unique situation. For instance, we need to perform a thorough inspection to determine what kind of pest(s) we are dealing with and what the level of infestation is. As part of our Pest Control Chennai approach to managing pests, we always inspect, evaluate and look for ways to remove the prime conditions and habitat where pests can thrive. Therefore, most of the upfront work performed by our team does not have anything to do with applying materials. However, we do often find that the targeted use of at least some materials is needed to truly remove the threat. That said, ACME Pest Control Services also offers Organic Pest Control options, this means the materials used are derived from organic byproducts, like plant oils. Click here to read more about our Organic Pest Control program.
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Pest Control In Chennai Nowadays, the risk of introducing a pest at home is relatively high, as some of the pest insects like bed bugs may hitch-hike luggage and clothes, hide within furniture and belongings making it easy to access your property. Others, such as rodents, will find direct access through entry points to your property, or make their way through obstacles. Any waste food and clutter, which may be exposed, contributes as well for the development of various infestations and attracts other pest rodents, insects or birds. Poor level of cleanliness and maintenance are also in favour of the pests and will increase the chances of their introduction or speed up their development. When a Residential Pest Control Chennai is discovered most people try to solve the problem themselves, which is not always the best approach. In a lot of these cases professional pest control Chennai is required afterwards, due to a complexity of factors.
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Pest Control Chennai At the first stage of implementing a pest control strategy, our pest experts will undertake a thorough inspection and risk assessment of your property, to be able to quickly identify the pest problem and locate the source of the infestation. Now Up to 20 % Discount for All Services