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The motto of Acme pest control Chennai is to provide quality services and thus we lay emphasis on providing quality in pest control services in Chennai and execute our work with great care. Our list of clients include renowned hotels, hospitals, schools, IT companies, industries and we closely work with our valued residential clients too and provide a pest free environment Now up to 25% discount for Cockroach Control , Termite Control and Bed Bugs Control
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Pest Control services In Chennai The Pests – An Unwelcomed Visitor. No Place is safe from pests – You work hard to keep your home “ Just so “, but that doesn’t matter to pests. They’re always out there waiting to get inside – and they have a number of ways to do it. This kind of unwelcome visitors can even show up in the best maintained premises. Suddenly your premises seem a little less your own. You want it right again – right now, yes we feel the same way. Call ACME PEST CONTROL -9841080005 book on line get 20% discount
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Pest Control service in Chennai Wood Borer Control Overview in Pest Control Chennai Wood Borer" also called as Powder post beetles, mainly belong to three families of beetles. These families are: 1) Lyctidae 2) Bostrichidae . 3)Anobidae These pests with wood boring habits are viewed seriously considering their ability to reduce timber and wooden articles to mass of splinters and dust. Powder Post Beetles are 3 to 7 mm long and light brown to almost black in Colour. Call Acme Pest Control Services in Chennai
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Acme Pest Control Services in Chennai Wood BorervMethod of Control The infested wood structure will be emptied out & the tiny holes created by wood borer will be injected with oil based chemical & thereafter all wooden structure will be sprayed thoroughly with oil based chemical Treated area should not be used before 4-5 hours. It should be kept closed. Our Technicians have instructions not to handle owner’s property. Hence shifting or emptying of the furniture should be handled by your representative. call Acme Pest Control in Chennai And get 20 % flat Discount for all Services
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Cockroach Control Cockroach control in Chennai can be challenging because cockroaches are resilient, persistent breeders, and have the ability to adapt to any environment. The speed at which cockroaches multiply can render conventional cockroach sprays ineffective, as the chemicals commonly used for their control are inferior and often are used incorrectly, carelessly and hastily. Pest Control Chennai is successful is experience, modern products combined with correct application technique and knowledge. If cockroaches are becoming a problem in your home or office call us today. Acme Pest Control Service In Chennai offer affordable, efficient and guaranteed cockroach control services carried out in Professional , safe and skillful Manner .9841080005/6 Call Now and Get 20 % Discount