Fogging Tr

Fogging Treatment

Sanitizer, Disinfection & Odour Neutralizer Fogging/misting equipment can be used for many purposes, droplets can be produced around 5 to 50 microns by using a fogger, which is optimal for animal housing disinfection & sanitizing. The advantages of using this technique over conventional high / low volume sprayers are Spray droplets are optimally sized to improve targeting. Less run off of chemicals. Move effective. It is extremely important in many situations that good disinfection takes place after cleaning, usually between crops or in animal houses, fogging has the versatility to dispense fungicides, insecticides, germicides and disinfectants in a variety of applications such as greenhouses, warehouses, food processing plants, swine/poultry houses and much more. Fogging equipment can be used to apply various liquid formulations for controlling pests & diseases in enclosed areas are as follow: Livestock buildings (pigs, poultry, cattle) Horse stables & stud farms Kennels & catteries Storage rooms & warehouses Glass houses Cellars Dairies Civil buildings Houses & buildings after fire or flood damage (to delay the spread of algae, mould, mildew & fungi) Odour neutralizer after a smoke fire Plus many more types of environments It is very significant in many situations that good disinfection takes place after cleaning animals’ houses. Droplets can be produced around 10 - 50 microns, which is optimal for animal house buildings with a degree of residual activity. (1ml of liquid will produce 556,000,000 droplets at a particle size of 15 micron). Small droplet distribution is essential for many pests and diseases in order to have efficacious results. Small particles can penetrate difficult to reach situations where conventional high volume sprays fail. Quick pest knockdown with excellent safety can be achieved with fogging technology.  Typical high volume (knapsack) spray droplet would be in the range of 100-200 micron. Fogging techniques produce far more droplets from the same volume of liquid and therefore improved pest targeting. Coverage is far more efficient.  Fogging has extremely effective properties when it comes to pest and disease control. Such treatments can result in a quick reduction of an existing disease when an effective fast acting mixture is used. 


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