Pre-construction & Post-construction

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Apart from these Termites or White Ants Treatment Services, we also offer unbeatable pre-construction and post-construction termites treatment at cost-effective prices. These services are provided under the supervision of experts following established quality standards. We assured guarantee of 10 yrs and 5 yrs for post- construction. Advantages of the pre-construction The chemical is injected into the soil and ensured that it is spread evenly all through the area, thus creating unbreakable chemical barrier for the termites. Method of Treatment The pest control chemical is fully injected in the soil in the foundation of the building, ensuring that that there is a chemical barrier in between the termites and the building. Treatment of the Internal Area An internal layer of chemical barrier is created on the base of the masonry walls and the outer walls of the first floor are treated under this treatment. The floors thereafter can treat only the infested areas. We give treat in all expected places of attack. Our professionals ensure that all wood works like doors and windows in the premises is treated.


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