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Acme Pest Control Service in OMR always works closely with our clients for an positive outcome and guaranteed quality pest control services. We ensure a innovative and new approach to any pest problems to the specific needs of each client. We maintain high standards of quality and safety. We provide pest control service to the entire area of Chennai. We are always technically oriented. We are experienced in servicing all types of residential societies, restaurants, schools, warehouses, hotels, health care facilities, ships and vessels, factories, construction sites , IT companies .etc
How To Know ? When You Have Bed Bugs ..The only way to be certain that you have bedbugs is to find them. There are other signs to look for, like new bumps or bug bites that appear overnight, blood smears on your sheets, rashes and skin irritation, bed bug feces in seams of your bedding (small, reddish specks) and moltings, which are light brown in color. In larger groups, these bugs produce a sickly sweet smell similar to overripe raspberries, which can also lead you to suspect an infestation. Still, ultimately, the only way to be positive you have bedbugs is to find living bugs where they’re hiding