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Pest Control in Chennai - Blood sucking insects Bedbugs are commonly found in unhygienic conditions and in public places like hospitals, public transport vehicles, hostels and guest houses, theaters, etc. bed bugs are Non Active in daytime and active at nights, these creatures attack people from their dwelling in places like beds, sofa, mattresses, baggage, pillows, blankets, curtains, etc . Acme Pest Control Chennai, adyar , OMR, Mylapore measures are based on thorough surveillance of the residential premises. Acme Pest Control Chennai conducts a comprehensive search in all the possible dwelling of the bugs and infuses remedies accordingly to get rid of them. The Method of cleaning, chemical application of Approved insecticides/pesticides and other treatments then follow as per the magnitude of the problem. Service Offered Residential 30 Days Contract: 2 services and attending free callbacks if any during the period of the contract Commercial Contracts with 30/60days period depending on the size and magnitude of the premises
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