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Cockroach Control In Chennai Since cockroaches are a common and highly dangerous pest which causes various infections and diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, asthma and food poisoning. Apart from this it also contaminates foods and utensils. They also leave foul odour which leads to unpleasant and uncomfortable environment in the houses, kitchen, pantry’s, cafeteria, hospitals, offices etc. ACMEPEST uses spraying method which is highly effective against all types of crawling insects dwelling / hiding in cracks and cervices electrical appliances etc. The spraying is backed by gel method which help you control cockroaches and other crawling insects. Gel controls not only cock roaches, but also effective against other pest like, black ants, red ants, spiders, silverfish etc. Acmegel is ideal for use in crèches, food joints, hospitals, schools, labs etc.
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