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Bed Bugs Control This pest has plagues man since the dawn of civilization. It is believed that the bed bugs originally was associated with bats living in caves & tree holes of the middle east. From caves, these pests became associated with men. In modern times these pests are commonly found in public transport like roadways, railways, sea and sometimes at airways, hospitals, hotels, hostels etc. They move from place to place along with the baggage’s, luggage’s (or) even the laptops. Hence human beings are the main carrier of bed bugs from one house to the other. Bed bugs commonly hides and notice at furnitures, behind photos, switch plates, base boards, under mattresses, cots and in other cracks & crevices and feed on human blood at night. Apart from sucking the blood it also prevents he human blood from clotting. Bed bugs play only an insignificant part in the carriage of disease to man but its bites gives unbearable pain leading to irritation & inflammation to human beings. • Inspection and Assesment • Baiting • Trapping • Proofing and Prevention
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