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Bed Bugs Control In Chennai Got Bed Bugs? Before you do anything to try to deal with a bed bug problem yourself more details 1) Don’t Escape Nest room to Avoid “BEDBUGS BITES” They will just follow you and your infestation will spread to other rooms of the house. They are attracted to body heat and the carbon di-oxide we exhale among other things. If they are Hungry.. they will find you. So sleeping on the sofa is a definite no-no. 2) In Pest Control in Chennai Advice.. Don’t Store Anything under the Bed as much as possible.Unwanted things Attract lot of bed bugs with lots of attractive hiding places. Don’t store anything under your bed and cot and keep things off the floor as tidy as possible. The Neatness things are, the easier it will be to Search out and destroy your unwanted guests. 3)Don’t “Escape” to a Relative or Friends House. Bed bugs are Bad night works and you can easily take the problem with you. If you think you can wait it out somewhere else and starve them out – you’re wrong. Bed Bugs Have been known to survive without feeding for 18 months . Unless you are willing to live away from home for more than a year and a half, chances are they will be waiting for you when you come back Acme pest Control is the Best Bedbugs Control in Chennai..we use Quality and guaranteed Service now Up to 25% discount for online Booking pl visit
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